Gubernatorial Candidate Response to MAME Summit Report

Dear MAMe members:

As part of our 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting Gala, MAMe provided the Summit Report 2014  to the Maine gubernatorial candidates Governor Paul LePage (R), Congressman Michael Michaud (D) and Candidate Eliot Cutler (I).  They were all invited to respond to the report to address the overall strategy for assisting our manufacturing sector based on issues identified in the report, discuss how their administration will help, and what resources and funding they will commit to addressing these challenges.

Each year at the annual manufacturing summit, MAMe invites members from all manufacturing sectors to voice their challenges and celebrate successes.  This annual report is shared with the administration for support, resources and policy. MAMe feels is it important that our membership and all those in the manufacturing industry take a moment to review the report and the candidates’ comments as we head into elections next week.

Electronic and hard copies of the 2014 Summit Report are available.  Email for more information.

Gubernatorial Candidate Comments:

2014 Butera Repsonse to MAME Summit Report

2014 Michaud Repsonse to MAME Summit Report

2014 Cutler Repsonse to MAME Summit Report


The Manufacturers Association of Maine


The Manufacturer’s Association of Maine’s Legislative Committee met recently to discuss current legislation in Augusta that would impact the Maine manufacturing community. The Committee flagged LD 1835, The Governor’s Open for Business bill, as a concept worthy of support, although there are certainly specific aspects of the bill that MAMe, as a group, likely will not view favorably. Below are the details of the bill, which is directed at development at the former Limestone AFB and the Brunswick NAS, as it stands today. We’d appreciate the feedback of the MAMe members.


Governor Paul LePage has proposed legislation to create Open for Business Zones in the State of Maine. This proposal seeks to improve Maine’s overall competitiveness and the state’s ability to attract major private investment. The bill was heard by the Committee on Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development (LCRED) on March 24th and a work session was held on March 27th. It is anticipated that the LCRED Committee will report the bill out with a divided report — if some form of this bill survives, it likely will be changed in a number of significant respects before enactment. Further, given the planned legislative adjournment date (April 16), any efforts to move this bill forward will need to happen quickly.

If enacted as it currently stands, the bill would provide  Maine with a mechanism for competing for major business expansion and creation projects – – defined as projects that result in investments of more than $50 million and the creation of more than 1,500 jobs – – by doing the following:

  • Creates the Transformational Economic Development Incentive Program which is defined as a project that creates at least 1,500 jobs and includes more than $50 million in corresponding investment.
  • Provides a 20-year corporate income tax credit that includes a 100% credit for years 1-10 and a 50% credit for years 11-20.
  • Affords a sales tax exemption and reimbursement for up to 20 years.
  • Provides an annual reimbursement to qualified businesses from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Trust Fund for electric rates that exceed the national average industrial rate as determined by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
  • Provides employment tax increment financing benefits for qualified investments. The reimbursement under this subsection is equal to 80% of Maine income tax withheld each year for which reimbursement is requested and attributed to those qualified employees for a period of no more than 10 years. In years 11-20, the certified business is eligible for a reimbursement of 50% of Maine income tax withheld each year for which reimbursement is requested. Reimbursement under this paragraph may not be paid for years beginning after December 31, 2034.
  • Enable access to a pool of up to $500 million in bond funding from the Finance Authority of Maine for transformational Economic Development Projects. Financing assistance for any one major business expansion project may not exceed $400,000,000. This program would provide long-term, credit-enhanced financing up to $400,000,000 at taxable bond rates for businesses creating 1,500 jobs and investing more than $50 million.
  • Provides access to extensive workforce development assistance, training and recruitment by empowering the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Economic & Community Development and the Commissioner of the Department of Labor to work with agencies across state government involved in employment or skill training to identify and marshal financial resources to help a certified company recruit and train workers. The proposal also identifies available funding for the Governor’s Jobs Initiative Program, as defined in Title 26 §2031, so that qualified businesses can access it for training.
  •  Creates right-to-work zones in specified geographic locations for certified applicants making qualified investments.
  •  Establishes a Maine Preference as part of the contractual inducement for the qualified applicant to make a qualified investment and for the State to provide the incentives pursuant to this chapter. The qualified applicant agrees, when awarding contracts, purchasing supplies or subcontracting work to give, to the greatest extent possible, preference to Maine workers, companies and bidders.
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Constellation: Efficiency Made Easy




Efficiency Made EasySM (EME) gives your business the chance to significantly cut its energy costs with little impact to your day-to-day manufacturing operations.

This special program could help you reduce budget constraints, make your equipment last longer, and lead to significant price per unit savings, all with nothing upfront. Learn how EME’s experts have helped manufacturing customers measure and track their energy performance, improve plant systems, and get employees on board.

EME helps customers make efficiency upgrades now, easily pay over time, and put even more money back into their businesses with the additional savings they’ve created.

Saving your company money can be as simple as changing a light bulb. EME will evaluate your interior and exterior lighting and come up with a high-efficiency solution that’s virtually undetectable.

    • Automation is efficient by design. EME will enhance your existing building automation systems or complete a new one to keep your building running at peak performance.
    • Inefficient HVAC systems waste energy invisibly, but EME will detect how you can improve. We’ll update your existing systems with new features that help your business save.

For more information on EME for MAMe members, please contact Craig Brazell at Constellation.  Craig can be reached at (866) 545-9826 or via email at​.

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Lisa Martin talk about the Manufacturing Summit on BoxTalk Radio

Listen to audio

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Governor LePage to Address Manufactures at Manufacturing Summit March 13, 2014

Join MAMe and manufacturers across the state on March 13, 2014 at Pineland Farms for our annual Manufacturing Summit!  We are please to have Governor LePage attending to address the group on the importance on manufacturing to the state on Maine.  There is still time to register!!!  Call MAMe at 207-854-2153 or email to register!

Read the full article in the Lewiston Sun Journal.

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